The harmony and the personality of the luxury perfume and the olfactory message of the fragrance as an artwork are the essential instead of the dominance of the accentuated raw materials. When the art of luxury olfactive creation manifests itself. 

A good perfume emphases your image, your lifestyle and lets you connect to the feelings of the present, on your skin you live together. A great perfume is like a great painting, many colours can vibrate but the harmony of the shapes and facettes let you discover the round story and the hidden message. Instead of focusing on the colours or patterns of a painting or instead of trying to catch and identify the raw materials of a perfume as an olfactive painting, just surrender ourselves and enjoy the magic of the art, feel the precious moment.

In reality and as a phenomenon, the real niche in the forest of the niche perfume brands is the professional perfumer himself/herself.

One of the most important missions of the haute perfumery is to re-establish and redefine the connection between the professional perfumer-creators and the connoisseurs, collectors of olfactory arts in a luxury distinguished context. 

"I personally encourage all professional perfumers to put their heart in their own beautiful perfume creations and also to present themselves with their own brands in the Parfumeur-Créateur Niche fragrance category."   - Gabriel Gabor Perfumer -