Each year, in France only, a limited number of fragrance bottles are allowed to be hand-filled with the luxury DE GABOR perfumes. Each fragrance bottle has a registered number. This number allows the follow up the perfume before and after purchase in order to assure the limited number of exclusive fragrances per continent.

Only carefully selected, limited number of certified fragrance stores and niche perfumeries are allowed to offer the exclusive DE GABOR fragrances with special conditions. By any order, the number of the ordered bottles is maximized.

Our creative fragrance laboratory works with special natural raw materials with extraordinary quality and limited availability. The limited number of perfume ingredient suppliers must be suitable for the selection quotas and engaged for innovative and sustainable sourcing.


This is a unique number 3D hologram label and QR code refering to this present site, can be found with the packaging of the product. We certify and confirm the authenticity of the purchased perfume item that it has been subjected to the quality control. Its quality, its olfactive signature and its hand-crafted value are the a symbol of the fine reputation of the trademark DE GABOR®.