PERFUME TRAVEL KIT MIX Type 1 Online purchase available with worldwide delivery.Travelling light is a priviledge. This exclusive travel kit offers you a journey by the ultra light and elegant 3 ml glass bottles containing 2.5 ml scent of 7 different DE GABOR Extrait de Parfums in a real jewelry velvet box with champagne satin cushion. This light and smart edition is ideal as exclusive gift and also as an invitation to discover the real jewelries of the Haute Parfumerie with high amount of natural fragrance ingredients. Contains ASTRONAUT, DARLING, DARLING ROUGE, GENDERS, STARDUST MUSK, GEISHA DIVA, LEATHER FOREVER DE GABOR Extrait de Parfums. Handcrafted 7 x 2.5 ml Eau de Parfum versions in a modern light luxury box in champagne colour. Only for adults over 18 years old. Please, select shipment type by clicking on the information / more information.

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Darling DE GABOR is amoung the best niche perfumes of the last 10 years! Here is the Fragrantica review:  

Only for adults over 18 years old, for external use only.

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