Eau de Pafum


Your gender makes you You. Genders DE GABOR is a bright multigender fragrance. This special fragrance will change on your skin according to your gender. For Native Americans, there was no set of rules that men and women had to abide by in order to be considered a “normal” member of their tribe. In the ancient times and nowadays again, many genders are accepted. The 5 main genders are present in our century, of course. The perfume for Genders : Opens with fresh citruses from three continents, elegant green notes of galbanum boost the precious spicy accord of saffran, ginger and cardamom. The new aquatic floral heart notes give the contemporary style for the female gender, the aromatic fougère accord of white rum, hay, tonka beans, tobacco and christ marine emphase the charm for the male gender. The longlasting erotic ambery French touch stamps the base notes of white inscence, white leather, Haiti Vetyver and the multigender pheromone musks. Our body smell depends on our skin type, on our pheromones and hormone level. We communicate by our smells as well. Multigenders are not in the context of unisex, this is more than about sex. Our mental genders embodied by our passion, habits, behaviors, erotic thinking and by our own body smell of course. Genders perfume connects you directly to the joyful seductive power of your own gender. Only 50 ml Eau de Parfum version, hand-polished luxury glass, cap with black leather. Click for the scent description.



DARLING "So Darling, Darlin' stand by me!" This contemporary gourmand sandalwood perfume is participated at the international fragrance competition organized by World Perfumery Congress in Miami in 2016 and selected among the best 10 sandalwood creations worldwide. The top notes of the perfume seduce by the exciting Calabrian bergamot, lip warming ginger, saffran and pink pepper. Definetly ready to taste the cherry in cognac, dry plums and dry figs. The distinct sweet heart notes celebrate your gourmand addiction with milky sandalwood, Austrian marzipan, tonka beans, praline and rum. Mild orchids, jasmine, coffee flowers and patchouli for the manifestation of love. Warm amber, sandalwood, amyris and guaiacwood bring the fragrance to a final drydown of vanilla and the powdery gourmand musk. The longlasting erotic French touch manifests : you are in Love! Click for the scent description.



Mr. G. Gabor perfumer created only by night this emblematic Leather Forever fragrance embodying passion and obsession. The Leather Forever scent makes you attached to your second skin as your genuine leather fragrance on your first skin. This scent is here to take you to the leather cruise club and makes you feel there forever. Exclusively for quality leather lovers not just from Finland. The smell of the genuine leather gloves on your face, the leather tie in your hands, belt and trousers attached to your skin. Black truffle, dark sandalwood, warm masculine amber and musk with smoky styrax give your mystery, your leather forever. This genuine leather fragrance opens with the modern spicy notes of the shiny black leather gloves, Iranian saffran, smoky cinnamon and black truffle. The heart notes are dedicated for the originality lovers: leather jacket, leather trousers, Tuscan iris. For the flame of passion oud, sandalwood, patchouli, vetyver, birch accord and the body warm amber are incorporated in leather. The ultra longlasting French touch based on the smell of a fetish leather belt with warm ambery musk. Castoreum, oud, oakmoss and vanilla will be the base of your second skin. Only 50 ml Eau de Parfum version with hand-polished luxury glass with black genuine leather cap. Click for the scent description.



PERFUME TRAVEL KIT Travelling light is a priviledge. This exclusive travel kit offers you a journey by the ultra light and elegant 5 ml bottles of 3 different DE GABOR Eau de Parfums. This light and smart edition is ideal as exclusive gift and also as an invitation to discover the real jewelries of the Haute Parfumerie with high amount of natural fragrance ingredients. Contains DARLING, GENDERS, LEATHER FOREVER DE GABOR perfumes. Only 3 x 5 ml Eau de Parfum versions in a modern light luxury box in champagne colour.


SINGLE PERFUME in 5 ML glass bottle

Please, select one among the 3 available perfumes: DARLING DE GABOR or GENDERS DE GABOR or LEATHER FOREVER DE GABOR


Luxury Perfume Workshops


ORGANIC FRAGRANCE INGREDIENTS WORKSHOP FOR PERFUME LOVERS WITH HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS In the hotel Le Negresco Nice, France, in haute perfumery training cabinet. Smelling sessions with perfumer guide related to the high quality natural fragrance raw materials and fashionable synthetic raw materials with smell-centric, interactive, innovative training techniques. 8 Classic Fragrance families Training included. During the second part of the workshop you can create your own perfume composition. 1 day or 3 days training (From 2 persons - 10 persons) Hotel reservation for groups is possible upon request Please, contact us for availability, price, hotel reservation, number of participants.



OLFACTIVE TRAINING FOR FASHION DESIGNERS, HOME DESIGNERS WHO WANT TO DEVELOP THEIR OWN PERFUME LINE WITH PROFESSIONAL FRAGRANCE CREATION AND PRODUCTION From minimum 1 day or evening training consultation till maximum 3 days exclusive workshop Please, contact us for availability, price, capacity. 500 EUR registration fee



UPGRADING OLFACTIVE TRAINING FOR HANDCRAFT PERFUMERS TO GET THE NEXT STEP IN THEIR CREATION LEVEL Up to date, innovative training techniques with special fragrance raw materials and application guide to make your perfume more professional and well balanced. (2 days or evening training)